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Featuring the seasonal best of the northwest

Baked daily & served with house made butter. 3.00

House made & served with sweet agave butter. 4.50

Sweet red crab, bay shrimp & cod in a rich seafood stock sherry cream reduction.
Cup 4.99 Bowl 7.99

House made from scratch. Cup 3.50 Bowl 5.50

Fresh pico de gallo & avocado salsa verde. 4.50

Whole pods & Hawaiian sea salt. 4.75

Golden fried, Sriracha aoli. 3.99

Feta, mushrooms & caramelized onions. 5.99

Spicy peanut sauce, rice noodle salad. 5.99

Sriracha mayo & picked cucumber. 8.99

Jumbo prawns rolled in coconut Cajun spiced marmalade. 10.99

A blend of cayenne, white & black pepper & garlic. Roasted garlic lemon aïoli. 10.50

Togarashi, sweet-spicy red chile sauce & napa slaw. 11.99

Bay shrimp, picked cucumber & furikake crusted sushi rice cake. 11.99

Wok seared ginger chicken, braised shiitake mushrooms & water chestnuts served with tender butter lettuce. 10.99

Red onion & cilantro, BBQ-ranch sauce & fresh salsa rojo. 10.50

Seasonal mixed greens, tomato, cucumber & croutons in your choice of dressing. 5.99

Entrée 8.99 Starter 5.99
Add grilled chicken, bay shrimp or fried calamari 4.99 Bronzed salmon* for 5.99

Chile-lime marinated shrimp, crab & calamari, avocado, tomato, cilantro & crisp white corn tortillas.
Entrée 14.99 Starter 8.99

Five-spice grilled chicken, napa-romaine, crispy soba noodles, cilantro & toasted almonds. 14.99

Seasonal mixed greens, grapes, strawberries, Gruyère, candied walnuts & honey Dijon dressing. 14.99

Bay shrimp, crab, artichoke, tomatoes, cucumbers, Danablu cheese, pine nuts & mixed greens.
Entrée 17.99 Starter 10.99

Hand formed patty, aged white cheddar, secret sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion on a Macrina Bakery brioche bun. 12.99
Add smoked bacon for 1.00

Flour tortillas, lime cream, shredded cabbage slaw, salsa rojo & 3-bean chili. 12.99

Flour tortillas, pineapple salsa, cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo & 3-bean chili. 14.50

Cajun spices, mixed greens, tomato & Creole stone ground mustard sauce. 14.50

Lemon-thyme marinated chicken, Tillamook cheddar, bacon, mixed greens, tomato & garlic Dijon mayo. 13.99

Corn tortillas, pineapple salsa, shredded cabbage slaw, chipotle mayo & 3-bean chili. 12.99

Fresh hand cut fillet cold smoked & grilled over applewood. Garlic mashers & fresh veggies. 20.99

Beer battered true cod, roasted onion tartar, slaw & fries. 14.99

Braised Kalbi short rib, kim chee fried rice cake & sunny side eggs. 15.99

Herbed goat cheese, oven roasted autumn vegetables and roasted chicken demi. 18.99

Prawns, scallops, bay shrimp, salmon, cod & roasted red pepper, white wine & seafood stock. 19.99

Stir fried Asian veggies, spicy coconut curry sauce, mango & peanuts. Your choice of the following:
prawns 17.99
wok seared chicken 15.50
tofu 14.50

Dill-sorrel cream, vodka, cucumber & Lox. 16.99

Asian veggies, tangy soy sake vinaigrette. Your choice of the following:
prawns 17.99
wok seared chicken 15.50
tofu 14.50

12 oz. Choice center cut, Coho Caf steak butter & fresh veggies. 26.99

Applewood grilled salmon, scallops & prawns. Toasted hazelnut butter. 22.99

Herbed goat cheese, oven roasted autumn vegetables and roasted chicken demi. 18.99


9.00 Premium Supersaver
No restrictions.
Vouchers are accepted at all Regal Cinema locations.


Menu items and prices subject to change at any time.

*The King County Health Department would like to remind you that eating raw
or undercooked meat, shellfish or fish may increase your risk of food borne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions. We use peanut oil.

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